Elicia and Andrew


On Dec.30-31, my friend Elicia got married!  This was the first wedding that I got to shoot.  It was a little nerve-racking leading up to the day, but the nerves got better when I started getting trigger happy.  The ceremony was held at the LDS temple in Seattle (technically in Bellevue).  It was intimate so it was pretty fun!  We left the night before the ceremony on the 29th, she got married on the 30th, then we left for home.  The reception and ring reception was held at the Vancouver chapel on the 31st.  So!  3 full days of picture taking.  Here are a few of the pics that I shot. 


3 Responses to “Elicia and Andrew”

  1. wow! I must say you take good pictures and I like ur perspective, those angles. wow!

  2. You’ve got some extraordinary photos! Some really great drama, especially in your black and whites. Looks like you’re a natural.

  3. 3 Cel

    Looks like you had a VERY busy wedding weekend (haha I remember you telling me about it) that ended up with lots of great (photogenic) memories! It’s really nice how you shot some frames non-traditionally (groom sitting on bride, not vice versa), really cool!

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