Wards and Funks


So these were taken over the Christmas holiday.  We set up a little “studio” in the Ward kitchen, with me on sitting or standing on their table, or tipping over in a chair.  The “studio” consisted of a couple of flat sheets, my reflector, and multiple light sources… I think 4: kitchen light, 2 tungsten lamps, and my flash.  That’s what you do when you don’t have enough time and money to buy/rent pro equipment, well, that’s what I do.  I was totally stoked to rent equipment, then found out that the rental place was closed till past New Years.  Just my luck.  Anyways, I got some great shots anyways.  I love shooting this family because they have a lot of fun in front of the camera.  There was a series (I’ll put these ones up as soon as I’m done editing) that I couldn’t even look through the eyepiece because I was laughing so hard.

These pictures are at a lower resolution, so let me know if it’s fuzzy and I’ll fix it.  I’m still new at all this so any input would be good.  I still can’t figure out the whole thumbnails thing which is driving me nuts….


One Response to “Wards and Funks”

  1. What an absolute blast. Can’t believe the incredible photos you got with the resources you had. Way to go, Diana! We love you!

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