A Second Look


Under the Granville Street Bridge


Usually when I get a good shot, I know it’s good right when I see it.  Others, I just think they’re okay and will never make it to my small pile of favourites.  I’m always quick to delete what I don’t like or what I think isn’t usable.  But this shot surprised me.  Made me think that we need to give things a second chance because we just don’t know what spectacular thing is hidden when we just disregard it at first look.

Last week, I took this picture with the thought of deleting it because it was way too overexposed.  But, I’m glad I didn’t.  This was taken under the Granville Street Bridge when the sun was setting.  At this specific time of day, the light would spread across murals, bringing life back into the colours.  This was my first shot.  I forgot to check my camera.  Everything was overexposed except for what was in shadow.  When I got home that night and reviewed my shots, I noticed the splashes of colour in this overexposed picture.  I messed with it a bit more and ended up with what you see.  Now, the more I look at it, the more I think it’s my favourite because it’s so different from anything else I have in my portfolio.

Below is the orignal photo, completely unedited.



3 Responses to “A Second Look”

  1. hey! Diana! I really like it!!

    If its big enough i might even use it as a desktop picture! =)

    Whats sad is i might not be at church this sunday as well cos we’re carless… for TWO weeks… I’m on car rehab… I didn’t know how much i was dependent on my car till this week and last week. Our family has been soo revolved around our car…. We forgot how to bus… Figuratively of course.

    Anywhos, I’m not working saturday, hopefully nothing family event comes up for me, maybe we can hang than?!

    Anywhos, I gottaa get to bed soo tired…


  2. wow, lady, wow, this is phenomenal! looks like you captured a rainbow…

  3. 3 ann

    i love this.

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